Spinal Adjustments: A Look at the Basics of Flexion Distraction

Back-NeckPain-stockimages-300x199[1]Have you heard about flexion distraction yet? It’s one of the spinal adjustment techniques used by some Jackson chiropractic practitioners. It is perfect for treating a variety of painful conditions including chronic headaches, osteoporosis, slipped discs, spondylolisthesis and pregnancy related back pain.
So how does flexion distraction spinal adjustments work? In most instances, the Jackson chiropractic clinic subjects the patient to tolerance testing and a full, initial exam. Afterward, he or she is asked to lie face down onto a specially designed chiropractic table so the spinal adjustments may begin.
Oftentimes, the chiropractor performing the spinal adjustments keys in on a single vertebral segment at a time. While focusing on the vertebral segment, the chiropractor uses a series of spinal adjustments to drop intradiscal pressure. Intradiscal pressure, in case you’re unaware, plays a crucial role in how well the human spine functions in certain situations. As such, it has been studied by chiropractic professionals for years. Basically, when a person’s intradiscal pressure is high, pain occurs. That’s why chiropractors generally try to lower it to a normal range.
The patient’s intradiscal pressure isn’t all that is taken into account during flexion distraction spinal adjustment sessions. The chiropractor also works on opening up the foraminal canal. This canal houses a person’s spinal nerves, which can become pinched or otherwise irritated over time. By opening it up, the nerves are able to resume their normal position and hopefully heal in the process.
Depending on the patient’s state of affairs, flexion distraction spinal adjustments may or may not be combined with other chiropractic techniques. The chiropractic professional may also opt to complete the treatments over several months’ time. To ask questions about flexion distraction and other forms of spinal adjustments that may benefit you or a loved one, please contact our office today.