CDL / IME Exams

At Siwiec Chiropractic, we perform Independent Medical Exams and Commercial Drivers License Exams. If you have a group that needs CDL exams, Dr. Siwiec can perform the exams at your place of business. Prices for CDL exams are based on the amount of people being examined and we will try to beat anyone’s price if possible. Contact our offices for questions or to schedule an appointment.

Commercial Drivers License Exams (CDL Exams)

At Siwiec Chiropractic we are licensed to perform CDL exams and distribute medical examiner’s certificates. If you or your company need a commercial drivers license exam than schedule an appointment with us. We will try to beat anyone’s price and offer discounts for groups of people. We will even come to your place of business to do 3 or more exams.

Auto, Personal Injury and Workers Comp.

At Siwiec Chiropractic, we accept all Auto, Personal Injury and Workers Compensation cases. If you have a lawsuit we will work with your Lawyer and keep comprehensive notes on your condition and progress to best assist your case. We are available to testify in court cases on your side. If you are considering a lawsuit we will refer you to a Lawyer we trust will best represent your particular case.

Auto, Personal Injury and Workers Compensation are very case specific. After an injury you may not feel pain for a while or the pain may be very slight and you may put off treatment thinking that it will eventually go away. In many cases, the injury you sustained may not go away or may get worse many months later. Chiropractic treatment may be utilized and paid for by your insurance years after an injury. If you are experiencing symptoms from an injury that falls under this category please call Siwiec Chiropractic at 732-232-0935. We will contact your particular insurance company and find out if your treatment will be covered.